10 Worst Trends In My Hero Academia, Ranked

My Hero Academia stands as one of the iconic shonen anime of the modern era, right alongside Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan, and there is a lot to love about this superhero anime. This is the thrilling tale of protagonist Izuku Midoriya and his rise to fame in a world dominated by superpowered Quirks, costumed heroes, and villains.

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This anime does a lot of things right, from its heartfelt and compelling main characters to its solid humor and creative combat sequences throughout. But even so, My Hero Academia has some storytelling trends, habits, and recurring elements that aren’t so “Plus Ultra,” and those bad trends might annoy dedicated fans or give new fans a bad impression.

10 Izuku & Ochaco’s Will-They-Won’t-They Relationship

This bad trend in My Hero Academia is a minor one compared to many others, but it may still frustrate fans who care a lot about this subplot. On one hand, Izuku and his good friend Ochaco Uraraka get along well and have cute scenes together, but this side plot is really just going in circles.

Many rom-com stories have a will-they-won’t-they element to them, teasing the relationship for a long time to build tension and delay gratification. But after a point, it feels more annoying than tantalizing. The series needs to wrap up that romantic side story one way or another.

9 Character Designs Blatantly Borrow From American Comics

It’s well known that the author Kohei Horikoshi paid tribute to classic shonen manga and American superhero comics with his story, and there is nothing wrong with that. Even today, shows such as The Boys and Invincible follow the superhero formula, but at times, My Hero Academia is too obvious about it.

Some My Hero Academia characters are bluntly lifted from DC or Marvel characters, and at times, it feels a tad cheap or lazy. Examples include Tsuyu being the mutant Toad, Jurota Shishida being Beast / Hank McCoy, and Hawks being Angel from the original X-Men squad. This might even hurt the immersion at times.

8 Izuku Keeps Injuring Himself

Plenty of shonen heroes end up in bandages and splints after a tough battle, even superstars like Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzumaki. They have to fight the series’ strongest villains, after all. But Izuku Midoriya takes this to a ludicrous extreme, and he often has himself to blame.

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It’s a running joke to ship Izuku with his hospital bed because he keeps ending up in Recovery Girl’s care. He recklessly broke bones and tore his flesh with his use of One For All many times, and going Plus Ultra is guaranteed to break more bones and bruise his body. His insurance rates must be terrifying.

7 There Are Many Arrogant Characters

Most anime series have at least one conceited character who thinks they’re always better than everyone else, but My Hero Academia has several of them, and they are all irritating. Katsuki Bakugo is like that, seeing everyone else as worthless side characters, and Shoto Todoroki used to be like that, too.

But there’s more. The Shiketsu student Seiji Shishikura is almost like a mini-Stain, trying to thin out the “unworthy” heroes in the provisional license exam. He’s also too full of himself and his school, which is aggravating. Finally, the brilliant himedere Saiko Intelli is comically arrogant as well as a wannabe princess.

6 The School Life Genre Starts To Feel Intrusive

At first, My Hero Academia did a fine job balancing its “school life” subgenre with superhero antics, but after a point, the balance fell apart. In more recent seasons, the stakes and scope of the story are much more extreme, and this is no time to worry about test scores and school festivals.

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All of society is at stake when facing villains such as All For One and the entire Paranormal Liberation Front, and taking a break from that to revisit the school life genre just feels strange. By now, the school life trend is just getting in the way of what is most important.

5 Neito Monoma Keeps Harassing Class 1-A

Neito Monoma the copycat hero has an intense grudge against class 1-A. It’s true that these classes are rivals, and that rivalry was expressed in the joint training story arc, but Neito takes it to a ludicrous extreme, and even some of his classmates recognize that. It gets old fast.

Neito’s annoying outbursts and desperate attempts to attack class 1-A soon become more than a running joke – they become a major annoyance that really doesn’t add much to the story. Neito made his point the first few times he did this. Now his character ought to be defined by something else instead.

4 Ochaco Is Always Catching Up

Up to a point, it makes perfect sense for Ochaco to have an “I must catch up to Deku” motivation to her character. She doesn’t have the benefit of One For All or training from Gran Torino, after all, and her physical strength is limited. But even so, this trend feels pretty bad by now.

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It seems Ochaco simply cannot reach any meaningful goals. She has spent the entire story of My Hero Academia catching up to Izuku, and it almost seems insulting to her character. No matter her progress, Izuku is even further ahead, and that must be bitterly disappointing for Ochaco’s fans. She needs some other way to complete her character arc.

3 Plus Ultra Is An Instant Win Button

This is another trend in My Hero Academia that isn’t such a bad thing in its own right, and in fact, it can be pretty cool. But overuse has led this trend to become one of the anime’s worst aspects, to the point it feels cheap and predictable. Oddly enough, Plus Ultra doesn’t feel so Plus Ultra by now.

Miraculous last-minute wins are a shonen staple, even in the best series, but formalizing it as Plus Ultra makes things far too transparent. If the heroes cry “Plus Ultra !,” they’re really saying “the author needs me to win now !.” It can even kill the suspense in some cases.

2 Minoru Mineta Is Just Too Pervy

Perhaps the character Minoru Mineta is meant to be a blunt parody of perverted anime characters like Sanji, Keigo Asano, and Jiraiya, but by now, the joke has stopped being funny, if it was ever funny at all. Minoru Mineta has a few good points, but that doesn’t make up for his outrageous behavior.

There’s no forgiving Minoru’s pervert ways, whether or not he’s meant to be a comment on this character archetype. Seeing him harass Tsuyu, handle Toru’s undergarments, or comment on chest sizes is simply too much for most My Hero Academia characters and fans to bear.

1 Katsuki Bakugo Is Such A Jerk

In recent My Hero Academia manga chapters, Bakugo took some steps to make up for his horrible behavior, but even so, his terrible attitude is the worst and nastiest trend in the entire franchise. It doesn’t matter if he’s the next generation’s Sasuke or Vegeta, he’s still a jerk, plain and simple.

Katsuki Bakugo’s list of problems is rather long. He’s insecure and defensive, he’s too competitive, he looks down on others, he lashes out at the slightest provocation, he casually insults others, and he tends to act like he’s the most important person in the room. He’s not worthy of being Izuku’s friend, and “Kacchan” is far too endearing a nickname for the likes of him.

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