5 Carolina Panthers critical to potential culture shift in 2022

Which Carolina Panthers will likely play critical roles in the expected culture shift within the organization during the 2022 season?

Fans have been getting pretty tired of hearing about The Brand or The Process when it comes to the Carolina Panthers. All they care about is winning and doing it with exciting football, two things that have been seldom seen across the organization since the team’s memorable Super Bowl run in 2015.

Three consecutive five-win seasons is another damning indictment of previous methods not having the desired effect. But those in power within the Panthers are doing all they can to completely shift the culture in a positive direction this offseason.

The time for talk and bold claims is now over. Carolina’s loyal fanbase has suffered long enough and more restlessness could be on the way if the franchise fails to meet even modest expectations next time around.

With that being said, here are five Panthers who will be critical to any potential culture shift in 2022.

Panther No. 1

Carolina Panthers

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Matt Rhule


HC, Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule – Carolina Panthers HC

This all starts with the head coach.

Matt Rhule’s brand and process just haven’t gone according to plan despite what the former Baylor man will tell you. However, there does appear to be a willingness from the leading figure within the Carolina Panthers to make the adjustments needed.

He is clearly taking a personal approach with his players and leaning more on veterans to guide a gifted young core on the right path. Much more will be needed, obviously, but this is the biggest sign yet that Rhule is willing to alter his methods ahead of a crucial third year in the job.

For all Rhule’s faults, he’s never lost the locker room. Something that can provide a solid foundation for major improvements in 2022.

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