8 ’80s Comics Trends That Should Make A Comeback

To keep up with the times, the comic book industry constantly shifts and changes. As a result, many of the tropes and trappings in one era seem dated and out of touch with the next. However, considering trends are often cyclical, it’s only a matter of time before some outdated stylings are back in vogue.


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When it came to following trends, the 1980s were no exception. While some of those trends are better left in the past, there are plenty that could and arguably should make a return to help liven up the current status quo.

Tie-in licensing deals that both DC and Marvel struck with third parties weren’t just self-contained stories. For example, Marvel was more than willing to incorporate the likes of GI Joe, The Transformers, and ROM the Space Knight into their wider universe. Furthermore, recent additions like the return of Conan the Barbarian to the Marvel mythology are solid steps back in time to the ’80s. However, readers are yet to receive anything quite like Machine Man or Death’s Head, the latter of whom has battled everyone from Rodimus Prime to Doctor Who.

7 The Ridiculously Rad Visor Sunglasses

There’s nothing objective to say about the big dumb visor glasses. Either readers think they’re awesome or they’re wrong. The big rectangular visor shades are one of the coolest pieces of eyewear ever made. They provide a slick and almost retro-futuristic look while being casual enough to not seem like they’re trying too hard.


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Exemplified by Jubilee, a late ’80s newcomer to the X-Men, and most recently worn by a revived Eradicator Superman, these stunning shades are one of the best fashion accessories to come out of the Reagan Years.

6 The One-Shot Team-Up Anthology

Superhero team-ups haven’t disappeared. Characters still regularly guest star in other heroes’ books. However, the one-shot or anthology team-up series has, for the most part, fallen out of fashion. There’s still the occasional Superman/Batman miniseries, but nothing like the classic Marvel Team-Up has returned or stuck around. That said, Marvel Team-Up and similar series are dusted off from time to time for a four to six-issue run, but they’ll quickly go back into the vault. Hopefully things change to allow for more exciting crossovers.

5 The Humongous Popped Collars

Nightwing’s classic disco collar might pop into many fans’ minds as an exemplar of oversized neckwear, but few work it quite as well as the Beyonder in Secret Wars II. That said, it’s not something exclusive to the otherworldly and all-powerful. Plenty of heroes, old and new, started sporting an elegant neck flair as part of their ensemble. While it’s entirely impractical from a strategic perspective, there’s no denying its style and grace. It’s time to start turning up collars around the DC and Marvel universes again.

4 The Teenaged Super Team

It’s not like teenage superhero teams suddenly disappeared over the course of the last 40 years. For example, plenty of teams like the Young Avengers and the New Warriors have taken up the mantle. However, none have been able to corner the market quite like The New Teen Titans, nor the deluge of X-Team titles that would soon hit critical mass by the 1990s. Their popularity speaks for itself, and it’s time comic readers saw a new group of teenage heroes take the superhero reins again.

3 The Plummeting Necklines

To show off their burly and muscle-bound chests, more buff and masculine superheroes need costumes or suits with plummeting V-necks. As the male gaze is antiquated and problematic, the female and queer gazes are where the real money is these days. Bring Steve Rogers back and put him in his old Nomad costume. Give Peter Parker a new look that shows off all three of his chest hairs. It’s what the people want. Also, a combination of the aforementioned elevated collar and the ultimate V-shaped costume is ready for an ’80s revival.

2 The Wonderfully Outrageous Hair

The 1980s is famous (or in some circles infamous) for larger-than-life hair. If there’s one tried and true way to date when a comic came out, it’s by checking out the fashionable hairdos each hero sports.


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Fashions have evolved since the ’80s, and so has the way hair is styled. As a result, mullets and perms are out and short or shaved is in. This isn’t just in popular culture, but in comics as well. Frankly, it’s time the larger-than-life aesthetic of Starfire came back into fashion.

1 The Delicious Power Of Hostess

No power in the infinite multiverse of comic book properties comes close to the delicious taste of Hostess products. No Infinity Gem, Cosmic Cube, Anti-Life Equation, or Wish Machine can tap the wonderful flavor of their Twinkies, Fruit Pies, and other baked goods.

Starting in the late ’70s but continuing well into the 1980s, both Marvel and DC had lovably wacky and very self-aware Hostess ads. They followed their roster of heroes as they saved the day, not just with their powers, but with a tasty treat too. If there’s any McGuffin able to replace the Infinity Stones of the MCU for the next Saga, it’s the Hostess line of snacks. Barring that, some ad space could tell more lovably irreverent stories in next year’s slate of issues.


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