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If you want to become a better home chef, then there are some basic tools that you need to invest in. Some cooking tools are an absolute requirement – you can’t cook without them. In order to learn about what tools you need, you need to conduct extensive research. Researching kitchen tools in the past, before the internet, would usually require you to ask your friends and family, as well as read cooking books and instructional guides.

This article will simplify your search, telling you about some of the world’s most basic cooking tools that you need to have in your kitchen at all times:

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The first piece of equipment that you need to invest in is a collection of pots and pans. You can’t have a quality kitchen without a large cooking pot and a saucepan or two. Without pots, how are you going to cook your meals? You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for pots. You should be able to pick them up for next to nothing – they aren’t usually that expensive. You may also be able to buy them as part of a “kitchen bundle.” In these bundles, you usually also get other kitchen equipment like knives, cutlery, and spatulas. It’s worth looking out for these bundles so that you can save yourself as much money as possible.



You always need to have a knife set in your kitchen. If you don’t then you won’t be able to chop up and prepare food. Many people would argue that a knife set is the most important piece of equipment that you can keep in your kitchen. The reason for this is that knives are used to prepare nearly every single food item, in every recipe, that you will ever make. You can use knives to peel, chop, dice, and fillet. Additionally, knives can be used to score meat so that the meat cooks more quickly and the marinade is able to penetrate the meat’s surface.


Where are you going to chop your meat and vegetables, on your kitchen surface? Doing this not only spreads germs and bacteria but also increases your chances of you damaging your kitchen’s surface. Kitchen surfaces are usually made from marble or stone, so scratching them can be very stupid. Scratching your kitchen surfaces with a knife by preparing food on them can result in their value decreasing. Additionally, if you are living in rented accommodation, then scratching surfaces can lead to your landlord charging you for their repairs (which could be a lot of money).


Whatever you cook at home, you will always need a spatula. Spatulas are used to turn over food during the cooking process. It’s always best to buy a metal spatula, rather than one that’s made from silicone or plastic. The reason for this is, that if you are cooking something that’s incredibly hot with a silicone or plastic spatula, then the spatula could melt or burn, which could leak harmful chemicals into your food. In addition to a spatula, you will also need tongs. Tongs are likewise used to turn over food and should always be made from metal, never plastic.


A blender is not necessarily a kitchen tool, but rather a piece of equipment. Whatever blenders are, they are extremely effective and make for a great investment. One of the main reasons that blenders are so useful is because they can take the place of a mortar and pestle and can be used to grind vegetables and seasonings into a paste. You can also buy a food processor that doubles as a blender, which will make chopping things up and preparing garnishes much easier. Blenders can be found in a variety of prices, from incredibly expensive to reasonably priced.


A whisk is also a very important tool, especially if you like baking or regularly making eggs. Whisks are handheld tools, usually made from metal. It’s always best to avoid buying plastic anything because plastic can leach into your food. Microplastics are also something to bear in mind. If you don’t want to use a whisk because they hurt your wrist, then you could go ahead and buy an electric whisk. Electric whisks are a great investment because they make whisking a lot more efficient. They are also much more effective than hand whisks.


You will need an assortment of spoons if you are going to be cooking at home. You will need wooden and metal spoons for stirring food, and you will need small spoons for taking measurements. Alternatively, you could invest in some small metal measuring cups. They look like spoons, but they are deep like cups and are therefore called measuring cups. As always, avoid plastic spoons. Wooden spoons should be thoroughly cleaned after every use, otherwise, mold can form, and using them can become extremely unhygienic. The best way to wash wooden spoons, many chefs find, is with white vinegar and washing up liquid.


Shears are tiny kitchen scissors, used for shredding meat or for preparing vegetables. Shears are very affordable and can be found in most kitchen supply stores. Make sure you buy a pair of dedicated shears and don’t use them for anything else. It’s very unhygienic to use a pair of scissors or shears that you use for household things in your kitchen, even if you wash them. Your kitchen shears should be exclusively used for your kitchen, and nowhere else. Make sure that you tell your family this so that they do not try to use them for anything else.


Finally, what’s a good kitchen without cutlery? Lots of homeowners, surprisingly, have no decent cutlery, but an entire kitchen’s worth of tools and equipment. Don’t settle for plastic cutlery, go out and buy yourself some silverware. You can pick up really good deals on silverware by browsing auctions. Silver forks and knives are not just a great way to impress your guests, but also to feel comfortable at home when you are eating. Plastic spoons bend, break, and snap.

Whether you have just bought your first home or are renting, you need to deck your kitchen out with tools and all of the latest equipment. This article’s suggestions cover the most basic kitchen tools. There are many more tools that you need to invest in for a quality kitchen, like rice cookers, pressure cookers, and an assortment of other electrical devices.

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