Best Influencer Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business in 2022

The concept of influencer marketing has been around for hundreds of years. From the leaders like Nelson-Mandela, Mother Teresa and prior to them, to cricketers to film star cast to the modern world social media influencers.

Now as we go further, this industry is being revolutionized, bringing into the phase of Influencer Marketing 2.0. Many leading influencer marketing agencies, such as Grynow Media, are doing an exceptional job ensuring that this industry reaches its true potential by upgrading its meaning, justification, mechanisms, metrics and statistics to dive deeper with a sharp focus on experimenting new things to unlock real value of marketing.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, the team at Grynow believes that Influencer Marketing 2.0 will help brands overcome certain challenges like brand advocacy, customer delight, correct positioning and right targeting. Moreover, their team is actively experimenting with new strategies, learning & unlearning to see influence campaign approaches in a new light and leverage true leadership.

So, let’s explore what makes Grynow one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India and why brands trust their team for the crucial ventures.

What makes Grynow the Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

  • Shifting from influencer marketing to influencer relations

Today, the customer attention time has squeezed, but potential customers are well connected with each other through social media/reviews, hence the brands have to grab the prospect’s attention through story telling campaigns, which not only means creators being involved is huge but craft a well-defined story at different levels. Being the largest influencer marketing agency (work with 150,000+ influencers and 300+ brands), Grynow strives to push the boundaries of influencer industry, Grynow’s team is strategically moving to the next stage of influencer marketing that transcends into a relationship-driven along with data driven marketing, instead of PR stunt.

  • Digitally transforming marketing with influence

The future of marketing is evolving rapidly, forcing marketers to stay many steps ahead in their game. The key thing to grasp is that the browsing behavior of users is not what as it used to be. Consumers now have the huge market pools such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Social media commerce platforms and other e commerce stores apart from physical stores to research well, before buying.

Hence, showcasing the benefits with right positioning to the well segmented audience has to be perfected through an agency which has true potential to deliver the results. This differentiates Grynow because of their 5 years+ experience and IIT-IIM alumni team.

This adds value to the campaign and influencers’ credibility.

As matching and researching of the target audience of the brand with that of an influencer’ target audience is the art of this influencer marketing company, this yields great return on investment for its clients.

Grynow – one of the best influencer marketing agencies

  • Enhancing content strategy

The successful influencer campaigns strategized by creative Grynow marketers target prospects to be more enlarged in what brands have to say and simultaneously, carefully following a set content consumption pattern.

Influencers accomplish the brand’s objective (awareness, leads, sales) through enriched content strategy. Grynow is striving for perfectionism by focusing their strategies on precise micro moments that fall between opinions and decision making of the consumers.

  • Creating a strategic pillar focused on human-centered change

The team at Grynow believes that marketing is incredibly distributed on multiple levels and channels, from email to mobile, and from search to social, and in order to gain maximum traction out of a creator’s influence. Including creators at all crucial touchpoints that are essential to the customer’s decision-making journey.

Covering the gaps between creators and consumers at all points will help brands to create human centered or customer centered change and influence all stages of buying process.

  • Creating a cross functional influencer model towards customer-centeredness

According to a study by Brian Solis, 47% of marketers believe that influencer marketing will be a cross functional discipline that will expand beyond marketing, while 28% of them believe that influencer marketing will become a catalyst for digital transformation. Leveraging these trends, the marketers at Grynow as well are bending the rules of typical influencer marketing to not only analyze but also enhance influencer customer experience, as well as impact on potential and new customers by journey mapping of customer decision making process.

Grynow Media is closing the gap between the brands and the creators as well as the gap between brands and their audience, and thus, pushing the industry to enter the revolution experts like to term Influencer Marketing 2.0.

Influencer marketing has now become a next generation marketing by leveraging social commerce and video commerce. Hence, a new potential has yet to come which will create new markets, attract new audiences and more and more marketers.

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