CIRC CATALA Brings Catalan Culture to Jacksons Lane

CIRC CATALA Brings Catalan Culture to Jacksons Lane

This May, Catalan Culture will be brought to life in North London with three very different Catalan circus companies presenting work at Jacksons Lane as part of the Spotlight on Catalan Culture at the UK festival. Circ Català brings the very best of Catalan Circus to London this spring with the fun and mischief of world-renowned clown Leandrethe extraordinary acrobalancers Pistol Circus who’ll be leading us back to happy childhood memories and a tribute to love and loss with the darkly comic work of Sílvia Capell.

Leandre, one of the best international contemporary clowns, brings new show NO MATTER What (4th – 5th May). His masterpiece show Nothing to say has been touring the world since 2013 and, during this time, he’s developed ideas around a troupe of clowns. NO MATTER What is physical theater, performed by five clowns without words, but overflowing with fun. No limits. Just chaos.

Sílvia Capell brings Tribute (10th May) to the festival; using Chinese pole, live music and a wolf for a dancing partner, this is a tribute to love and loss, acceptance of the pain in our pasts, and a celebration of how this changes us. Combining music, text and circus, Tribute is a dark comedy which openly talks about death and grief, asking the audience to use their minds to engage with the performance, and not just be a spectator.

Pistolet’s Circus When we didn’t touch the ground (12th May) takes us back to our childhood memories. In a simple, geometric set, two friends return to a time of evenings filled with games, sometimes laughing, sometimes sweaty and exhausted. They explore that fragile balance between two different personalities through acrobatic balances.

It’s a trip back in time, to a place full of genuine emotion.

Jacksons Lane Artistic Director Adrian Berry comments, “Jacksons Lane is thrilled to collaborate with Institut Ramon Llull on this creative initiative highlighting the talent and skills of Catalan circus artists. We are proud to present three world-class companies this May.”

This event is part of Spotlight on Catalan Culture in the UK, an arts and culture festival taking place from March to June 2022 organized by the Institut Ramon Llull. Tickets are available at

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