CTV Northern Ontario: ‘TimminsCon’ brings sci-fi and pop culture celebrations back to life

Lovers of comic books, science fiction, cosplay and more rejoiced at the revival of TimminsCon this weekend.

Hosted by the Northern Ontario Expo at the McIntyre Community Center, organizers said bringing “geek” culture vendors, celebrity guests and attractions back to Timmins after two years was challenging but necessary.

“The event is becoming a very popular event in Timmins,” said Jason Denis, the expo president.

“We kind of felt it was our duty to put in that extra effort, to make sure we had an event again this year.”

The hundreds of visitors attending opening day Saturday seemed to appreciate that effort, with the convention featuring guests like actor Daniel Cudmore, of X-Men and Twilight Saga fame.

Cosplay – dressing up as a fictional character – was also a staple of the event, with many visitors showing off their costume designs and having a chance to meet other cosplayers dressed as characters like Wonder Woman, Master Chief from the Halo video game series and the Mandalorian — and perhaps try riding a classic Star Wars speeder bike.

Cosplayers at TimminsCon 2022 in Timmins. April 9/22 (Sergio Arangio / CTV Northern Ontario)

Vendors selling various collectibles from comic books, figurines, accessories and other merchandise are also a staple at these conventions. With vendors from around the province, country and even from the US traveling to the north, Denis added.

Toronto artist Cat Ward creates sculptures of Pokémon characters and debuted some new creations at TimminsCon.

“They were built during COVID, so they’ve never been displayed. Like, the Evie group have never been displayed before,” said Ward, who connected with the organizers at a convention in Toronto in 2019, just before the pandemic hit.

“Actually, finally getting to see real-life reactions is kind of nice.”

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