Death of poster advertising another sign of Dublin’s cultural collapse

One sign of vibrant cultural activity in any city is the advertisement of cultural events. For nearly four decades in Dublin city, these posters were seen on hoardings, walls and derelict buildings. But at the end of 2021, Irish Poster Advertising Ltd (IPA), the outdoor cultural and entertainment poster company, went into liquidation after 36 years in operation. It’s an under-reported victim of lockdown and more collateral damage of an era that decimated the live events industry.

Now, as people walking, cycling or driving around the capital may have noticed, the advertisement of independent cultural events on these poster sites is finished. The boards are being removed. With them goes the opportunity for small promoters, up-and-coming bands, small theaters, small arts and gig venues and so on to promote themselves in the public realm. There is no chance that most of these cultural and artistic entities can stretch to the budget that larger advertisers with larger billboard sites demand, which can be between € 5,000 and € 10,000 for a fortnight or a month.

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