Is Zwift’s Anti-Doping Policy enough to eradicate cheating culture?

A group from Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK, has published a review in which it claims Zwift fails to meet the purpose of its anti-doping policy. The review (opens in new tab), published in the International Journal of Sports, states that due to significant limitations to the policy and a lackadaisical anti-cheating culture, Zwift falls short when it comes to protecting the health and safety of riders not to mention ensuring fairness and integrity across all cycling Esports events.

“A dopogenic environment”

Zwift Esports policy and enforcement is a frequent source of frustration for the vocal minority of competitive cyclists on the platform. Although Zwift rightly reversed the shadowban on a whistleblower following community outcry, E-racers criticized the administration for failing to respond to feedback, being reactive rather than proactive, and its awkward public relations stance.

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