Katara Publishing House releases 3rd issue of Culture

Doha: The third issue of Culture, a quarterly magazine published by the Katara Publishing House has hit the stands.

Like the previous two issues, the third issue contains a wealth of information on a broad spectrum of cultural activities and trends in Qatar and carries interviews with famous personalities who have created an impact on the cultural and social arena.

The magazine has become immensely popular within a short period of time due to its rich and diverse content put together by a special editorial team. It’s distributed free in the country and abroad through diplomatic missions and to leading institutions and offices of all sectors.

Culture was conceived by Katara Publishing House, which comes under the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara as a forum to highlight the diversity of Qatar’s culture and serve as an interactive platform between various stakeholders and readers to promote the cultural sector and inform the local and international readers. about the latest trends and activities in the sector.

“As the leading cultural institution in Qatar, we thought it was our duty to bring out a publication that will give voice to the people and institutions in the cultural sector.

Like in so many other areas, Qatar is leading in culture, too, with several major events we are organizing attracting regional and global interest and participation, ”said Dr. Prof. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara.

The latest 400-page issue of the magazine has its cover story on falconry, with a special focus on Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital which has ultramodern facilities for falcon care.

It also carries features on other crucial components of Qatari culture like abaya, the gahwa (Arabic coffee tradition), the batoola (traditional face covering worn by Qatari women), souvenirs from Qatar, and interviews with famous art, media, literary and film personalities like Virgil Abloh, Khalid Jassem, Dr Ahmad Abdul Malik, Khalifa Al Marri and Anas Abu Qamar, among others.

“The first two issues were well received and we are happy with the enthusiastic response. We have launched this magazine at a time when the global attention is turning to Qatar for several reasons. We believe that culture is an important component of the country’s outreach to the world, and Qatar understands the importance and power of culture in creating a positive image and influencing the world. This magazine seeks to add value to these efforts and broadens our communication with the world, ”said Khalid Al Sayed, Editor-in-Chief of Culture.

Shaikha Hamad Ahmad Al Thani, Executive Editor of the magazine said, “As the first magazine of its kind in Qatar, Culture is filling a long-existing void. One major reason that has contributed to its success is that it has given a platform for players in this field to communicate with a larger audience and thus get noticed, and readers are getting rare insights into the country’s vibrant cultural scene. ”

The future issues of the magazine will continue in the tradition of providing quality content to the readers. Those interested in getting copies of the magazine may contact Katara Publishing House.


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