This Vintage Refrigerator Ad is Making Twitter Doubt Modern Technology

An old advertisement for a refrigerator from 1956 has gone viral on the web leaving netizens shocked. In modern times, a majority of people own a fridge in their household. With time, the evolution of refrigerators has been remarkable. Nowadays they come in different shapes and sizes, be it double doors, the top freezer, or the bottom freezer. However, the technology used to make this 1956 frigidaire has made Twitter question the latest technology.

In the old advertisement, a woman introduces viewers to the product details that included different compartments for canned, fresh, frozen, wrapped, bottles, and leftover items. There’s a separate built-in space for butter and cheese. In addition to this, the old model also contained a detachable array of vegetables and fruits, which could be easily removed whenever needed. However, the highlight of the advertisement comes when the woman introduces space for frozen items.

In one swift move, she flips the ice tray into a built-in shelf. The old monochrome advertisement was shared on the Twitter page of Lost in History, which is well known for shedding light on photos and videos of the past. While sharing the advertisement online, the Twitter user asked, “Why’s this 66-year-old fridge better than the one I got now?” Watch the video below:

Netizens did not disagree with the question highlighted by the Twitter user and one of them responded, “Would love a fridge like that, why the hell can’t they make them like that today?”

Another user highlighted how quality goods were manufactured back in the 1950s. “They actually manufactured quality goods back then. Made to last for 20+ years. Now everything is made to last 3 to 5 years or break right after a warranty expires.”

A Twitter user pointed out the major difference between old and modern technology, “Old appliances, cars, and other devices were engineered to last for decades. Modern technology is engineered to last for a few years, break down, and being replaced.”

One more chimed in to add how selling point makes a huge difference in manufacturing these days, “Selling points of appliances during that time were about longevity. If it was good quality and it would last it would sell. Now there are millions of refrigerators sold every year and no one cares about how long they last, just as long as it’s available when you want one right now”

A netizen who was impressed with the ice cube mechanism of the old fridge wrote, “I lost it when she revealed the freezer in the bottom and that flipping the ice cube trays over has them fall, you mean I don’t have to hurt my hands trying to crack them loose from the tray?!?”

Check out a few more responses below:

The viral advertisement has garnered more than 420 thousand likes on the micro-blogging site.

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