Top AI and ML Technology Trends That Will Turn the Tables In 2022

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By Sukanya Mandal, Senior Member and Impact Creator at IEEE

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses across verticals have harnessed advanced technologies – thus drastically revolutionizing the way we work and live. The past couple of years have made us realize that technology is undeniably advantageous and an important guide during any crisis. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other associated technologies have the potential to revive traditional business models from the basic level to a highly streamlined, efficient, and cost-friendly model.

The “intelligent” elements in intelligent digital solutions refer to AI and ML – these two main elements are referred to as the ‘brains’ of smart machines used to deliver effective solutions and business productivity. AI and ML collaboratively play a critical role in driving intelligent digital processes that enable machines to augment humans. Businesses have now learned to trust advanced technologies and boost technology-enabled business modules in recent years. This year AI and ML will continue to emerge as the most transformative technologies of the current times. There are amazing trends from various domains that are considered to help humankind in multiple ways ranging from tackling environmental sustainability to developing treatments for chronic diseases or ensuring high efficiency in business processes. Let’s dive deeper and learn how AI / ML trends that will drive innovation in 2022:

Augmented workforce and systems
In the coming years, we will only see a proliferation of human minds working alongside machines. In some domains such as marketing, we’re already using tools that help us determine what tasks are worth pursuing, what value it adds, and even what it expects from potential customers. It is highly likely that 2022 will boost up all types of automated systems powered by AI and ML, like augmented Data Management and augmented analytics, to attain operational excellence, cost efficiencies, and resilience.

Use of AI in Cybersecurity
AI algorithms are effectively used for preventing cyber-attacks, monitoring networks, detecting malware, and other related practices. But there is a rising problem with smart hackers who manipulate data and access sensitive information by smartly detecting security weak spots in the systems. To curb these cyber threats, most companies now want advanced AI solutions to monitor data and inject special security mechanisms into their AI models. AI can play a role by analyzing traffic, recognizing patterns and suggesting intentions using smart algorithms. Advanced technologies are increasingly paving the way in keeping us secure and we are highly likely to witness some of the most significant applications of AI / ML that will develop and transform businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Low-code or no-code technologies
A big barrier to the adoption of ML and AI-driven efficiency is the scarcity of skilled professionals who can develop the required models and algorithms. No-code and low-code technologies aim to overcome difficulties faced in complex AI systems. Much like the way web design and no-code UI tools let users create interactive systems simply by dragging and dropping graphical elements together, no-code AI systems create smart programs by plugging together a variety of pre-made modules and inserting them with one’s own domain-specific data. Low code or no-code driven mechanisms will play a crucial role in the ongoing “democratization” of AI and related technologies.

AI, ML and the Metaverse
The metaverse is a term used for a unified persistent digital environment, where users can work and play together. It’s a virtual world just like the internet, but its core focus remains on enabling immersive experiences which are mostly created by the users themselves as per their needs and requirements. Many experts have initiated the conversation to combine virtual reality innovations together with other leading digital platforms for the benefit of consumers. AI and ML are here to be the backbone of the metaverse. It will generate an online environment where humans’ creative impulses will be nurtured freely.

Autonomous vehicles
Modern day vehicles simulate intelligently engineered machines and are becoming more obviously essential than ever before. Bikes, cars, and other vehicles are becoming smarter and connected in novel ways, and these advancements will bring some of the most exciting changes to transportation this year. Transportation is the leading cause of CO2 emissions; we have generated an opportunity and obligation to shift away from using combustion engine vehicles to fully electric vehicles. AI is the brain that guides autonomous cars and aircrafts and is set to revolutionize travel and transportation in the coming decade.

Overall, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other related technologies will most certainly continue to evolve and take the center stage. Determining everything that we do – the way we work and live.

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