Wefleet affordable housing needed to preserve town’s culture

Affordable housing is not just about housing.

A second-home owner in Wellfleet’s neighborhood proposed, ambitious 46-unit affordable housing project asks: what’s the deal about affordable housing? Why are residents, including abutters, so enthusiastic about this project? Don’t housing projects always erode the quality of a neighborhood and lower property values?

How to explain the almost unanimous support for affordable housing over the past couple of decades?

Brent Harold

For one thing, it’s not sheer altruism: it just doesn’t feel right to live in an aging town where young people, young families, can’t afford to rent or buy.

Then there’s the practical side, often cited: a town is in trouble if those needed to run it – the tradespeople, teachers, town hall workers, cops, firefighters, etc. – can’t afford to live here (or anywhere near).

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